What do we mean when we say personal watercraft? Personal watercrafts are Jet Skis, Sea-Doos, or WaveRunners. These watercrafts can be fun to take out on the water; however, safety needs to be a priority!3 people on jet skis in ocean

Many people fail to realize that personal watercrafts can be very dangerous. In fact, each year there are thousands of serious injuries due to personal watercrafts. 80% of all injuries and fatalities occur when 2 personal watercrafts collide. You should always stay at least 100 yards behind another vessel, and at least 50 yards to one side. Don’t jump the wake of a passing boat. You could misjudge the speed and cause a collision. Always stay alert! In addition to other watercrafts you should always be aware of other swimmers, divers, water skiers, and fishermen.

Personal watercrafts, just like any other moving vehicle, are subject to accidents. It is wise to get the proper insurance to protect yourself. They are not generally covered by homeowners insurance and we have specifically designed policies to insure these vessels. If you have any questions or need a personal watercraft insurance quote, please contact American Insurance Center at (301) 729-1201 or online at www.american-insurance-center.com. If you own several personal watercraft, please let us know! You may qualify for a multi-boat discount!


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